Hannah Barret Leaves the X Factor and Tamera gets Lucky Escape


Hannah Barret has become the latest contestant to be axed from the show after going up against Rough Copy and judges thought three times in the bottom was enough and she was voted of. 

But some thought that she did not deserve to be in the bottom two with Tamera noticably forgetting her words for a third time in the competition. 

But Hannah could not connect with the public like someone like Nicolas who has a lot of character and is probably the most likeable contestant. 

Hannah said: 'I actually feel really good you know, obviously I’m a bit upset that I’ve left but I’ve come so far, week seven!

'I had a feeling I would be going home because that was my third time in the bottom two so I kind of accepted it and had fun with it.'

Speaking about Tamera forgetting the words, Hannah said: 'I’ll say in her defence she did come in two beats earlier so she had to stop and then jump back in again.

'She gets really, really nervous and we do forget the fact that she’s only 16.'


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